Super Durable Flooring

There are many different types of flooring you can choose for the home or for a business but only a few are strong enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic or movement of heavy objects. When you need to have a strong floor, you need to consider strong options.

Flaws of Concrete Floors

To start out, the most solid and strong surface is going to be a concrete floor. That is usually what you will have in the garage or in a warehouse or store anyway. There are flaws to that though. Concrete almost always cracks over time and it does not look very good.

Even when you have it covered with tile, the tiles can still come loose and they can crack while the grout between the tiles can come out. Painting and sealing the concrete is another option but it can peel off and it still does not do much for the appearance of the floor.

Floorguard products

Strong Solutions

Your choices start to narrow significantly when you need a highly durable floor. Your best bet is actually an epoxy flooring system like you will find with Floorguard products. That is a unique type of flooring system that provides a durable surface with an iron like bond to the concrete.

Always Strong

With this unique and highly durable flooring system, you get a fine floor finish that looks great and can stand up to the toughest floor abuse you can imagine. It is perfect for warehouses and stores and definitely a best bet for garage floors too.

This type of flooring system will never crack and the colors will never fade. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, all of which always stay strong. This is the type of flooring you can count on to be the best moisture barrier too.

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