Strictly speaking, reclaimed wood is old wood. It could be extremely old and neglected, wood reclaimed from damaged or demolished buildings, but reclaimed wood portland or experts need to act quite quickly before the old, damaged wood simply rots away to nothing, destroyed by the natural elements and those ever-present bothersome termites. But this generally does not happen because these artisans are also recycling and re-use experts.

reclaimed wood portland or

They know exactly where to find the old wood, and, working to schedule, when. But other than what they can do for your home or business, this story is not really about them. It’s more a story about you. What sort of inspiration do you need to get in touch with artisans skilled in the practice of creating something out – well, not quite, but there you go – of nothing. A little nudge, perhaps. Motivation or persuasion?

Perhaps. Working with reclaimed wood, you will be able to add character, life and texture to any one – or all – of the rooms in your home or business premises. You are required to stretch your imagination to the farthest point possible, allowing you to walk through your own design intentions with your appointed or selected artisan. It is generally felt that you will have olde worlde, country life, or antique styles in mind.

Because the reclaimed wood could – upon careful selection of wood pieces – certainly match these themes. A better prospect perhaps – and this works really well in the refurbished, industrial styled studio – is the recreation of a sparse and rustic look, projecting your philosophical belief in the less is more concept. In closing, far too many ideas could still come to mind. But if that’s your spirit, then you should be inspired by the fact that this whole design and build process is highly sustainable.